Misk International was established in 2012 with a mission to...

"Formulate and supply a wide array of quality perfumes for both men and women across the globe that will not only enhance the feel good factor but also pleasure the olfactory senses of individuals at most affordable prices"

The people at the helm of the company have over 32 years of experience in creating fragrances and developing perfumes for the highly evolved and receptive markets of GCC countries.

The company has launched 24 products in the short span of its incorporation in "EAU DE PARFUM" and "EAU DE TOILETTE" categories for use by both sexes and another 10-12 products are in the pipeline.

Major international brands mainly from Europe have their presence in India. Their prices range between Rs.2500 - Rs.6000 and their target markets are urban rich.

The growing 250 Million middle class customers of India is a very large market that is the target of Misk Perfumes with right price-quality-marketing strategy.

The story of Indian perfumes is as old as the civilization itself. Archaeological evidence shows the earliest inhabitants of the Indian subcontinent held plants in great reverence. With the passage of time, scented oils were extracted by pressing, pulverizing or distilling aromatic vegetable and animal produce. Early indications of this activity are available from the perfume jars and terracotta containers of the Indus Valley civilization, where archeological work has revealed round copper stills, used for the distillation process that are at least five-thousand years old (reference req.). These stills are called degs. Following the seasons of the flowers, traditional ittar-makers, with their degs, traveled all over India to make their fresh ittars on-the-spot. Even now, a few traditional ittar-makers still travel with their degs to be close to the harvest.

A large number of references to cosmetics and perfumes in Sanskrit literature were found like in the Brhatsamhita is a 6th-century Sanskrit encyclopedia by Varahamihira (505 AD – 587 AD). Cosmetics and perfumes making were mainly practiced for the purpose of worship, sale and sensual enjoyment.

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