Welcome to our world of fragrances. We perceive fragrance as a sensory voyage of human life which depict the mysterious and sensual side of ones personality and the aura that surround it.

Misk Perfumes are formulated with subtle auric blends that tell the story of your personality.

The Fragrance Wheel is a fragrance classification chart first developed in 1983 by Michael Edwards. The wheel is a method for perfume classification which he first designed after being inspired by a fragrance seminar by Firmenich, and seeks to show the relationships between each individual fragrance family. Perfumes and Deodrant products industry in India is worth Rs. 4.50 billion today with an estimated growth of 10-12% p.a in the organized sector. Tremendrous potential of mid size towns and rural markets is yet to be tapped with rightly priced products. Please feel free to connect with us your queries by clicking the link below.

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